Accurat collects GDPR-proof location data from mobile app users via a technical (SDK) integration and processes this data to provide actionable segments. The SDK also provides a solution for location-based notifications. Via our API we connect with your existing infrastructure (DMP, ad server, marketing automation suite, …) to better target your mobile audience cross-device. Finally, attribution models provide proof of the impact of your efforts multi-touchpoint (including print media).

Once embedded in your app, the consent of your mobile user is requested. Once granted, the SDK collects location insights that are processed via a set of smart algorithms. All user insights are shared with the publishers’ infrastructure to provide maximum impact. Finally, we prove impact by matching actions (a POI visit) with the touchpoints that caused the traffic.

The Accurat platform offers an SDK (to collect data via the app and share user insights for in-app usage), API (to connect Accurat insights with your existing DMP, ad server or other infrastructure or share your user insights with our solution) and dashboard (to provide a direct view on the insights and provide access to tools to create relevant impact).

As we operate in a privacy-sensitive environment, we focus on full GDPR-compliance and take rigorous measures to keep it that way as can be read in our privacy information.