The Accurat platform offers native SDKs, libraries, connectors for many tools and API endpoints to collect user data. User data, together with location data (a set of 150K+ geofences) and context data (such as weather, traffic, events...) are processed and matched. Our data analysis & algorithms build profiles (segmentation), calculate the attribution of user interactions across devices and channels and predict future behaviour. Activated user data can be shared via the API with different tools such as DMPs, attribution tools or even marketing automation suites.   

The different tools and methods that the Accurat platform includes are outlined below:

  • SDK with methods for 

    • consent flow to collect consent (initiated via our SDK or provided by the app)

    • battery-optimized location tracking to collect location insights on a continuous basis via gps & wifi signals

    • geofencing to allow for location-based push notifications near 150.000+ locations

    • interaction tracking allows to record events happening inside your app to feed the attribution model

    • user insights (profile information, current location etc) are shared with the SDK

  • Our API provides calls to 

    • connect the insights about your users with your DMP, ad server, marketing automation suite, …

    • similar with the SDK, it is possible to add interactions via the API to add interactions with non-mobile touchpoints such as banners, emails, articles... or even folder drops, direct mailings or OOH campaigns (billboards) for cross-channel attribution modelling

  • dashboard offers an overview of user insights & allows to set up your tools.

    • audience insights to better understand insights about the real-world behaviour of your users (publishers or retail brands with apps) you track or your shoppers (retail brands)

    • audience builder to define custom segments

    • audience overview to have a direct view on the offline behaviour of your users

    • setup settings for the app, consent flow, activate POIs …
    • notification builder to plan location-based notifications (behaviour-based planned)
    • attribution insights allow to create campaigns and better understand the impact of individual touchpoints