In order to get informed on the regular on the insights for your brand of specific stores we've added reporting functionality.

Create a custom report

To create a custom report follows a straightforward process as indicated below:

  1. Make sure to select the proper brand on the top left where the logo resides as reports are created on a brand level.

    Remark: This is only due in case you have access to multiple brands.

  2. Go to Alerts using the menu
  3. Choose to add a custom report by clicking the '+' button in the bottom right
  4. Choose the dashboard or module for which you would like to receive a report
  5. Set the frequency of receiving the report
  6. Add users directly
    Remark: Not sure how to manage users for your brand? Find out here
  7. Alternatively add one or more e-mail adresses
  8. Hit save in the bottom right
  9. You're all set. In the alerts window you'll find an overview of all you're active reports.  
  10. Generate a preview if you're wondering how your report will look like